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Dr. Dial


Trained in science and art, Dr. Dial often incorporates both into her work.  She enjoys analyzing complex technical subjects and translating that information into images and prose appropriate for various levels of expertise.  Her diverse educational background in science facilitates her special interests in oncology, mood disorders, osteoarthritis, alternative medicine, and the endocrinology of osteoporosis.  


Fitness, nutrition, and well-being are integral to Jackie's psychic spectrum.  In the summer that she participated in the First Annual Colorado Mountain Race Circuit, she finished as second woman after having run such courses as the seven-mile Vail Hill Climb, the Pikes Peak Half-Marathon, and the 18-mile Ouray to Telluride over-pass ordeal.  (As her knees took a full two years to return to normalcy, she decided at that point against participating in any further mountain races containing downhill segments.)   Monitoring those knees, she continues to run, as well as hike, bike, and skate in-line.   


Why not teach or do research?  While obtaining her MS and PhD, Dr. Dial's research was on drugs of abuse and their effects on ingestion during and outside of pregnancy.  During that time, Jackie came to the realization that, while she has deep respect for all aspects of ethical research, she prefers not to engage in it herself.  Rather,  communicating to others the research design, its results, and its consequences provides her with a sense of reward and satisfaction.

With strong feelings that one should return to the earth as one takes from it, Jackie, through MedicaLink, is proud to help support the following nonprofit organizations.  
bulletColorado Public Radio (KCFR-Denver)
bulletPBS Channel 6 (KRMA-Denver)
bulletPBS Channel 12 (KBPI-Denver)
bulletCSU Foundation
bulletBest Friends Animal Sanctuary
bulletBoulder County Humane Society
bulletThe Nature Conservancy

In lighter moments, she contemplates supporting organizations important to slowing the abuse that our burgeoning population places on dwindling resources.  These include:  

bulletDamn the SUVs - Foot Speed Ahead!
bulletChildren for Responsible Parents
bulletThe Anti-Deforestation League
bulletPopulation Growth:  Whatever Happened to Zero?


bulletPhD in experimental psychology, cognate minor in physiology, 
Colorado State University
bulletMS in anatomy (specialization biomedical illustration and communication), 
bulletMS in experimental psychology, CSU
bulletBA with distinction in psychology, University of Colorado at Denver
bulletAMWA core curriculum program completed



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Selected illustrations                     decflowers2

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