What Makes a Write Good Medical Right?

Experience in a diversity of areas, interest, error (corrected, unlike the headlineExcept they's really not errors; they're a form of—here it comes—pun.
What, you expected me to admit to a twisted sense of humor?
), and a touch of perfectionism. This sets the stage for good writing, and working and studying in a variety of medical-communications realms hones the other aspect.

Some specificsYea, verily, a trifle dry, but, begorra, I know not how to leaven them.
They do, howe'er, support experience of the relevant sort.

So, you can see that if nothing else my background is diverse. In addition and not suitable for listing is a tendency I have to become interested in that on which I write, with one notable exceptionLaw.

Proving something if not the rule.

Still orange!

The Clock is Ticking           

even in Boulder!