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In 1995, a major biomedical publisher was searching for writing and editing services targeting an audience of MDs and PhDs.  In response, MedicaLink was formed by its principal, Jackie Dial, to provide professional biomedical communication services for clients with discerning audiences.  

With a doctorate in experimental psychology (minor in physiology), the former instructor at Colorado State University uses her abilities at wordsmithery and her broad biomedical knowledge to create written and rendered products appropriate to a variety of professional and educated audiences.  

Dr. Dial is also a degreed medical illustrator.  She received a master of science degree in anatomy, specialization biomedical illustration and communications, from CSU in 1993, and for several years was art director and associate editor of a small medical journal.  She illustrated and was author's editor of a book on care of veterinary cancer patients that was translated into four other languages.  

While working for Micromedex, Inc., publisher of the international DRUGDEX(R) database, she further developed her expertise in drugs, toxins, nutrition, mood, and the interaction of these.   While contracting, Jackie has written a number of monographs pertaining to vitamins and herbal substances for an alternative-medicine database.  She has published scientific articles pertaining to drug interactions, cancer, and creative thought.

Having taught classes in computer graphics and desktop publishing, Dr. Dial easily works with clients having electronic authoring and publishing needs.   This web site, for example, was created and published by Dr. Dial both to communicate the company's services and to demonstrate proficiency with the new media.

Dr. Dial's expertise provides MedicaLink clients with highly qualified biomedical communications services.  Additionally,  the services of other medical professionals, consumer-audience authors, graphic artists, and software developers are available on a contract basis.

MedicaLink, through Dr. Dial, is an active member in the following professional organizations. 

bulletAmerican Medical Writers' Association (AMWA)
bulletBoulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA)
bulletBoulder Digital Arts Association (BDA)
bulletGuild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI)
bulletRocky Mountain Publishing Professionals Guild (RMPPG)




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