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What have we done?       

The scope of our accomplishments is extensive and diverse; a sampling of our past writing, editing, illustrating, researching, teaching, and softwaring activities are spotlighted below.  Additional details and perspectives can be found on relevant web pages.  

And yes, to be frank (if not strictly grammatical), on this page the "we" usually refers to a singular pronoun.  


bulletDr. Dial abstracted and incorporated published clinical research and other 
pertinent articles on several hundreds of drugs, vitamins, and substances into 
an international drug database.  The project required medical literature 
searching, interpreting research design and statistical methods, abstracting 
and summarizing key medical information, reconciling contradictions, and 
incorporating changes into existing database topics. (Micromedex, 1996 
through 1999).
bulletShe authors monographs for an alternative-medicine database.  The project 
requires literature searching of both scientific and lay publications, evaluating 
research design and statistical methods of studies of varying quality, and 
creating database articles containing careful acknowledgement of scientifically 
valid results.  (ongoing)
bulletShe compiled patient-education materials relating nutrition and cancer (CSU 
Veterinary Hospital).


bulletDr. Dial was both editor and art director for the alternative-medicine journal, 
"Oriental Medicine" (1993 to 1996).  In addition to assisting authors in more 
clearly presenting their ideas, she authored articles and produced cover art 
and article illustrations.
bulletDr. Dial was the pre-publication author-editor for a veterinary oncology textbook (Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM, Comparative Oncology Unit, Veterinary Teaching 
Hospital, Fort Collins, Colorado).  
bulletShe has experience in substantive editing of original articles, reviews, and case 
reports for medical journals, sometimes working with authors whose English is 
not the native tongue (Hoppenrath Publishing, Gilbert, Arizona).   
bulletDr. Dial has significant experience in selection and abstraction of information 
for medical databases and comparative drug efficacy reports (Excerpta Medica, 
Belle Mead, New Jersey).   
bullet As Publications Specialist with the National Ecology Research Center, she 
compiled and edited abstracts for nationally distributed newsletter (1989 to 



bulletDr. Dial is a degreed biomedical illustrator with experience in hand, camera, and computer-assisted illustration techniques.  
bulletDr. Dial provided the illustrations for a veterinary oncology textbook (Gregory K. 
Ogilvie, DVM, Comparative Oncology Unit, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Fort 
Collins, Colorado).  
bulletAlthough Dr. Dial occasionally does contract illustration, she prefers to combine 
her illustration with article writing/editing for books and journal articles.   



bulletAs an experimental psychologist, Dr. Dial has designed and supervised scientific 
and published peer-reviewed articles on effects of drugs of abuse 
during pregnancy on food intake in the rat.   Another research interest was food preferences and their effects on human and animal metabolism.  



bulletDr. Dial developed and taught upper- and lower-division distance-learning 
courses in cognitive psychology and human sexuality for the Departments of 
Psychology and Continuing Education (Colorado State University, 1994 to 1997).  
bullet She taught Macintosh-based graphics and desktop-publishing programs 
including Aldus FreeHand, Advanced FreeHand, Aldus PageMaker, and Quark 
Xpress (CSU, 1993 to 1994).  
bulletAs a graduate teaching assistant, Dr. Dial taught a senior-level lecture class in physiological psychology, undergraduate labs in statistics, and classes in 
environmental psychology (CSU, 1988 to 1990).   


bulletAlthough programming is not her field, Dr. Dial enjoys computers and their ever-unbalancing high jinks (some days more so than others, perhaps).   She 
developed an interactive form in Microsoft Access for writers to track article 
inserts from search to publication; in conjunction, she set up relational tables 
for the database (Micromedex).  
bulletShe has designed web sites (MedicaLink) and vows, should such design ever 
come her way again, not to use Front Page.  


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