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Pricing for medical writing, editing, and information-gathering at MedicaLink is flexible, depending on the project and the needs of the client.  Billing can be done per project, per hour, or per word; multiple or repetitive projects can receive a unit rate.  Despite one's best efforts to predetermine time requirements, predictions--both by client and editor--can sometimes go awry.  We use on-line task tracking (a "time clock," if you will) to keep a record of hours spent on a project and to provide a means for estimating future time requirements for similar projects.  And a written agreement between the participants clarifies expectations for both parties.  

Listed below are customary ranges for our fees:  

Medical and scientific writing (monographs, technical literature for medical products; marketing literature, papers, books, etc.):

Per project or $55 to $75/hour

Medical and scientific editing (subject to the quality of the original document and its technical content, this service is provided on a per-page basis):    

$4.50 per double-spaced, letter-sized page or $55/hour  

Medical information and explication from a medical informant (please be as specific as possible about the condition, your existing level of knowledge, and what you wish to learn about the condition):  

$50/hour (two hours generally suffice)

If you are seeking writers for regulatory submissions, please continue your search using suitable keywords.  


DISCLAIMER:  The information provided you through this site or through agents or representatives of MedicaLink is provided for general information only and should not serve as a substitute for advice or treatment from a medical professional familiar with your specific situation.  MedicaLink collects and interprets available research, but makes no warranty that other research may exist and that other conclusions may be drawn from information available.  


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