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Articles and papers

Of the mind


How does yours differ from that of Einstein?  


Whether the subject piques or paralyzes your interest, it is so much more than lip service.  


It is easy to overlook the contribution of this to an individual's essence.  


Supra-human or chemico-electrical, it defines consciousness even as it eludes our grasp.  

Of the body

Antibiotics Does it sometimes appear that, if only we could, we would annihilate every bacterium on the planet?  
Cancer To be successful, a tumor must engage some cooperation from its host
Heart What the Mediterranean diet did for a few heart-attack survivors
Arthritis Subjective corroboration of the "Arthritis Cure" book and earlier work
Bones We are fortunate today to have the tools with which to detect osteoporosis before it does much damage

Of the being


Can inspiration be invoked?  
Sexual strategies Another way to consider the vagaries of those strange attractors
Homosexuality If the genes are not passed on, why do cultural percentages tend to remain stable?  
Jealousy It can, but need not be, a badge of honor
Pheromones Despite most earnest scrubbing, they will escape one
Relationships Thoughts about how making the best of it might optimize it and, gee, can this notion actually be expanded?